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6-10 Day Economical

6-10 Day Economical



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Maximum 720 minutes (12 hours) in a 10-day period.


6-10 Day Economical Transcription Service

Transcription Style

  • Light Edit (default) – best for readability. Removes unnecessary utterances, phrases, and repetitions. Contractions expanded upon request.
  • Strict Verbatim (by request) – word-for-word, every utterance including ums, uhs, stutters, and false starts.

Audio Quality

  • Clear14-Day Quality Guarantee. Free from excessive background noises, static, or poor connection. No heavy accents and minimal crosstalk.
  • PoorNo guarantee. Excessive background noises, static, or poor connection. Heavy accents and focus groups with excessive crosstalk.


Speakers will be labeled as such: Interviewer/Interviewee, Moderator/Participant, or Unidentified Male/Female, unless otherwise specified.

Transcripts will be in Word .docx format, Times New Roman, 12 point font, single-spaced with 1 inch margins, unless otherwise specified.


Multiple Audio Files

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Order Notes

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Please upload your audio via the link provided after checkout. This link will also be available in your Order details. You are welcome to upload any sample documents or templates.


Completed transcripts will be available for download via My Account > Downloads.

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